The intelligent publishing solution for multimedia premium content

Create your digital premium content quickly and easily with p4p™ RED.
Our intelligent and lean publishing solution is more dynamic than bigger and more complex content management systems and therefore ideal when it comes to creating and publishing your premium content in no time. It covers all relevant editorial processes and reduces your work volume with the help of intelligent automation.

p4p RED can be used to complement the larger and more complex content management systems such as CoreMedia, Polopoly or InterRed to increase the flexibility of the publishing process and reduce production costs.

The delivery of the publications is responsive and platform-independent on all common channels (iOS, Android, Web).


It is easy and uncomplicated to link online and print content, as well as media databases, in p4p™ RED. You can use articles, images, image galleries, videos or storytelling (e.g. from CoreMedia, Polopoly or InterRed). Print content, such as articles, images or PDFs/XMLs, can also be linked directly from your production systems.


Manage your content on four levels with custom-tailored functions.


Create image galleries, automatically allocate media through author management and take advantage of the useful reverse channel for rights management / settlements.


Create new departments with just a few clicks and maintain a clear overview with the help of the comprehensive status bar and the intelligent and fast navigation system.


Save valuable time with the help of automatic content placement and automatic allocation of suitable article templates.


Review content in preview mode for web and mobile applications and send push notifications when publishing a new issue.


Your publications will be released responsive and platform-independent on all common channels, desktop, smartphone and tablet devices and all on all major channels (iOS, Android, Web).